We carefully scrutinize each candidate for you.

Human Resource Management Needs Simplified

Skyleaf Advantage

We build relationships than working on transactions….

Skyleaf believe in relationships, not transactions. We offer solutions which are effective, reliable and affordable. We value teamwork, realizing that we are stronger together than as individuals. With us it has never been about being the biggest. We provide sustainable, long term returns for our investors, unlocking the great potential of the world of work.

    Skyleaf Difference

    Following are few reasons that put us in a different league among other service providers and helps establishing and maintaining a trustworthy relationship with our clients.

  • Human touch
  • Skyleaf delivers the highest standards of service to its customers by answering the calls personally thus building a human touch with all those require our support. Our staff is trained to answer all customer inquiries on the spot, ensuring there is no need to put a customer on hold or to transfer them to another operator.

  • Partnering success
  • Most companies are designed to work one problem after another very fast, what’s unusual about Skyleaf is that it ensures that as your organization and as your numbers grow, we constantly match your recruitments, payroll, appraisals, training and a host of other needs all at once. With Skyleaf you can be rest assured that we will deliver as per your growing needs thus become a trustworthy partner in your success at every stage.

  • Multi-Dimensional Benefits
  • As a Leading Talent Management Solution firm, we at Skyleaf recognize that each organisation has unique challenges and create Talent Management solutions that are best suited for them. Resumes are increasingly under scrutiny from over ambitious creative writing. At Skyleaf Consulting, we go beyond the potential candidate resume(s) and try to know the candidate in-person before recommending him/her to our clients. We use objective measures to check most of our candidates for competence, motivation, talent and personality match. We serve our clients better by focusing on the most deserving and getting the “right fit” for the client and the candidate.