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Training Services

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From individuals to the corporate workforce, we understand our clients’ requirement to get properly trained to be able to perform better than the rest and to fare better in the ever demanding and ever changing corporate environment.

We have different programs for individuals and corporate under which we make sure the client get properly trained and well equipped to face the challenges and grab the opportunities in their career. We hire well experienced trainers to help you guide your soft and hard skill areas.

  • Individuals
  • Any person who knows what he would want to get from himself will always strive for the best training experience from best quality trainers at best package. Skyleaf understands their need and in response we provide the best available trainers to ensure the best possible learning experience. We ensure that individuals are equipped with appropriate skills and knowledge. We provide trainings for the individuals in various soft and hard skill areas. We have conducted large number of workshops to provide skills to various people who are looking to enhance their skill sets like advanced language courses, soft skills training like behavioral aspects et al.

      Couple of popular modules are listed below:

    • Human Resource Modules

    • V&A Module

    • Sales Module

    • Office Etiquettes

    • Presentation Skills

    • Finance Module

    • Marketing Techniques

    • SEO/SMO/Google Adwords Module

    • Advanced Language Module

    • Life Coaching

  • Corporate
  • Today, efforts are being made to capture delighted human resource capital. In other words, Human Resource Delight refers to a state wherein the employee feels that in the job he is doing he has applied his mind and heart out to it and always endeavours to improvise.

    After all employees (human resources) is the most important internal customer for any organization, and the HR department must take it upon them to delight their customers. Skyleaf assists organisations in creating and sustaining a better-trained workforce who in turn will enhance productivity. We provide trainings in the area of marketing, finance, Information Technology and soft skills including motivation, time management, and change management. Certain soft skills like business communication, presentations, and behavioral attitudes are also taught in group or one-to-one basis with an option of on-site or off-site sessions.

    Also, our training division caters to the pressing and emerging training requirements of the Call Centers and the Corporate today. Our associated Call Center training facility is dedicated to training individuals for the Call Center industry. With a fertile client base, we have been able to effectively place batches of students who have passed out from the facility in reputed international Call Centers. The training in these workshops is provided through the use of intensive role-playings, case studies, brainstorming and simulations. The trainees get a firsthand experience of actual world and learn to be adaptable, agile, quick thinkers, leaders and risk and change handlers. The training sessions are undertaken with the use of LCD screens, projectors, and other digital equipments.

      Couple of Corporate Training Modules :

    • Financial Trainings for Specialized Certifications

      1. Receivables-R2R

      2. Payables-O2C and P2P

      3. CIMA in-house tuitions for employee

      4. CIA in-house tuitions for employees

      5. CFE in-house tuitions for employees

      6. IFRS

      7. Risk and Fraud based Trainings

    • Behavioural Trainings for Private Corporate sectors, PSUs & Government Sectors, Self Development for NGO’s & Not for Profit Organizations

      1. Dale Carnegie soft skill Trainings

      2. Inbound & OutBound Trainings

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